dglobalnews.com People pelted with boiling rocks as Mount Etna erupts
Published: Fri, March 17, 2017
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People pelted with boiling rocks as Mount Etna erupts

People pelted with boiling rocks as Mount Etna erupts

As many as 10 people were injured Thursday when several unexpected blasts at Italy's Mount Etna volcano sent scalding steam and rocks shooting into the air.

Rebecca Morelle, BBC's science correspondent who was on scene, tweeted about the event, noting that the group "had a very lucky escape".

According to Italian officials, six people had been taken to hospital.

Morelle said the explosion was "a reminder of how unsafe [and] unpredictable volcanoes can be".

The BBC's science correspondent Rebecca Morelle and her team were among those forced to flee, with camerawoman Rachel Price recording unbelievable footage of the massive cloud of ash bursting from the earth.

Mount Etna has been active for the past two days, creating a visual spectacle as it spews lava and ash into the air.

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Reports indicate that the tourists who experienced the eruption Thursday were in a zone where access is permitted with a guide.

BBC journalist Rebecca Morelle tweeted an account of the incident and the ensuing rescue, and she praised crews for getting everyone safely away from the site.

Volcanologist Boris Behncke, part of the expedition, also received minor injuries to his head during what he described as a "violent explosion".

Incredible pictures show Mount Etna spewing molten lava and burning smoke around its snow covered summit.

Etna is Europe's highest active volcano at 10,810 feet, The Atlantic noted, and historical accounts of its eruptions go back 3,500 years.

There were about 35 tourists at the volcano when flowing magma hit snow, causing the explosions, AP said, citing local authorities.

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