dglobalnews.com Congressman Adam Schiff talks firing of Bharara, Trump's wiretapping claims
Published: Tue, March 14, 2017
National | By Glenda Ortiz

Congressman Adam Schiff talks firing of Bharara, Trump's wiretapping claims

Congressman Adam Schiff talks firing of Bharara, Trump's wiretapping claims

The defiant exit of New York's US Attorney Preet Bharara, first announced on Twitter, raised questions about President Donald Trump's ability to fill top jobs throughout his government.

Preet Bharara was a Manhattan-based USA attorney with an impeccable reputation. When Bharara refused to resign, he got a final "you're fired" call from Boente. His cryptic tweet has a lot of people wondering what he meant.

There are those who question whether Mr. Bharara should have indicted Mr. Cuomo as well.

"By the way, now I know what the Moreland Commission must have felt like", Bharara posted.

A prosecutor so willing to disrespect the constitutional chain of command for petty personal reasons is one who's not fit to wield the enormous power that federal prosecutors possess. That tweet from Bharara, referring to a political corruption investigation that was shut down in NY, is drawing attention. Judd Burstein, an attorney representing former Fox News personality Andrea Tantaros said during a hearing February 15 that one of his clients received a subpoena to testify before a federal grand jury investigating the use of corporate resources relating to sexual harassment allegations against Ailes and Fox News' parent company 21st Century Fox. When he apparently did not receive it, he called back the woman who had contacted him to say he did not want to talk to Trump without the approval of his superiors. When Mr. Bharara seized the files of the anti-corruption panel, however, it became clear that Mr. Cuomo, after promising it would have complete independence, engaged along with his staff in attempts to steer commission officials away from probes that might have reflected badly on some of his political donors or on the Governor himself. The reference was lost on no one who has watched NY state politics over the past several years.

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Preet Bharara, the United States attorney for the Southern District of NY, tweeted Saturday that he was sacked after indicating he would not submit a letter of resignation as requested by President Donald Trump's administration.

Stuart Gerson, the acting Attorney General at the beginning of Clinton's administration, wrote in 2007 that "It is customary for a President to replace U.S. Attorneys at the beginning of a term". This is not unusual; U.S. Attorney positions often change with a new president, although the posts are supposed to be isolated from politics.

Legum's logical leap comes at point 4, with the implication that much like the Moreland Commission being shut down by Cuomo, who it was investigating, Bharara was sacked as he came close to investigating Donald Trump.

In fact, Sessions himself was among those 93 US attorneys who were fired by Reno. Her award-winning work has appeared in numerous magazine, newspaper, and online publications. As my LawNewz.com colleague Rachel Stockman explained, Bharara was reportedly knee-deep in an investigation of alleged fraud and illegal acquisition of reporters' phone records by none other than the Fox News executives themselves.

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