dglobalnews.com In Israel Visit New York Gov. Cuomo condemns anti-Semitic attacks
Published: Tue, March 07, 2017
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In Israel Visit New York Gov. Cuomo condemns anti-Semitic attacks

In Israel Visit New York Gov. Cuomo condemns anti-Semitic attacks

"New York's principles are built on a rock, they will not change, and the political wind will not change them." he said.

Cuomo's visit, meant as a show of solidarity with the Jewish community, comes after a series of bomb threats against Jewish Community Centers across the U.S.

"To the people of Israel, I say that these acts of anti-Semitism will not be tolerated", he said.

Its aim is to reinforce the historic relationship between NY and Israel and is part of the state's effort to combat anti-Semitism.

But the New York governor's trip also renewed speculation about his presidential aspirations, with two worldwide news outlets - the New York Times and Wall Street Journal - examining his national prospects in their coverage of the trip. "A pain that for many young people was only in the history books is now very much in their daily lives. These acts of antisemitism have also transpired on college campuses, so an entirely new generation has been exposed".

" The second goal of this trip is 'Hineini, ' I am here, I have been here before, and I will be here again", he added.

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Cuomo traveled to Israel this weekend to strengthen economic ties and demonstrate New York's unwavering friendship and support in the wake of recent attacks in the Jewish community.

"The positive impact of New York State's strong relationship with Israel on each of their respectiveeconomies is abundantly evident, ranging from exports to imports to jobs", said Allen Fagin. "We did that last year, and we'll do it again this year, where we propose even more funding than ever before for the religious schools".

While in Israel, Cuomo met with other top leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and visited a number of historic sites like the western wall. He'll also host a New York State-Israel Economic Development working lunch with the mayor of Jerusalem.

During his trip, Governor Cuomo also designated the first Sunday in June as Shimon Peres day in honor of the late Peres.

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