dglobalnews.com Emmanuel Macron: French centrist candidate sets out goals as rightwing rival struggles
Published: Sun, March 05, 2017
Global Media | By Cecelia Webb

Emmanuel Macron: French centrist candidate sets out goals as rightwing rival struggles

Emmanuel Macron: French centrist candidate sets out goals as rightwing rival struggles

March 4: French far-right leader and a prospective presidential candidate, Marine Le Pen, has been summoned by judges over allegations of misusing European Union funds.

The far-right candidate, Marine Le Pen, is currently in the lead, while the conservative candidate, Francois Fillon, once considered a shoo-in, now looks like he's about to drop out of the race.

But French prosecutors requested a waiver previous year after she tweeted three images of Islamic State executions, including.

Mr Fillon denies that he arranged jobs for family members as parliamentary assistants, including his British wife Penelope, who allegedly did no actual work.

In response angry Le Pen Tweeted photos showing fiendish executions committed by Islamists. Le Pen, a leading candidate in this year's French presidential election, posted them in response to a journalist who drew an analogy between her anti-immigration National Front party and IS extremists.

Fillon was the front-runner in the French presidential election as little as two months ago but his campaign has been swamped by an investigation into his wife's job as a parliamentary aide after a newspaper reported that she took her public salary without doing any work.

Its standard-bearer is Ms Marion Marechal Le Pen, a cousin of the leader who became France's youngest-ever MP at 22.

The attack on Macron diverted attention away from a political discussion that has emerged in France regarding Francois Fillon, the right wing political candidate.

Others are also reportedly quitting the campaign, mainly those who supported staunchly conservative Fillon's more moderate rival Alain Juppe in last year's primary.

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On Tuesday, the district court will hear arguments on that particular question. Justice Department spokesman said Monday.

"We don't know what can happen", she said.

The Union of Democrats and Independents (UDI) called on Mr Fillon's Republican Party to choose another candidate in the wake of a scandal over payments.

In an upbeat online video message urging supporters to attend Sunday's rally, Fillon said only he could "restore France's strength".

Before the expenses scandal, voter surveys consistently showed him as the likely victor of the two-round presidential election in April and May.

"In a fragile country like ours, it's not wise to call a protest against the institutions", former Republican primaries contender Jean-Frederic Poisson said on RMC radio Friday.

She has also refused a police interview on the topic on the same grounds.

Before the allegations first surfaced in January, Fillon was the clear leader in opinion polls.

The independent Macron has expressed his desire to create a "roadmap" to fight Islamic extremism and terrorism, coming from the Mideast and Africa, better, while also calling for increasing military spending to up to 2% of the GDP - something which the USA and North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies have always been demanding of France.

However, Le Pen, now the most popular candidate in the French presidential elections but unlikely to win a second round vote under France's electoral system, is unlikely to be hurt politically by any investigation.

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