dglobalnews.com Theresa May: Scotland's government 'obsessed' with independence
Published: Sat, March 04, 2017
Global Media | By Cecelia Webb

Theresa May: Scotland's government 'obsessed' with independence

Theresa May: Scotland's government 'obsessed' with independence

But speaking to the BBC, May prime minister refused state whether or not she would grant permission for a second referendum on independence.

The Conservatives are far less popular in Scotland than they are in England, holding only one of Scotland's 59 seats in the British parliament.

"I think the SNP needs to move away from the tunnel vision of the issue independence and actually focus on the issues that that matter to people on a day to day basis", she said.

"We must avoid any unintended consequences for the coherence and integrity of a devolved United Kingdom as a result of our leaving the EU", Ms May told the Scottish Conservative conference in Glasgow on Friday.

Critics of the SNP's attempts to hold a second referendum after being defeated in their first attempt in 2014, claim Scotland can not survive outside of the United Kingdom because of the lower price of oil.

May said keeping the United Kingdom together is a "personal priority".

Mrs May said: "The way I look at this is very simple". That's why I'm determined to get the best possible access to it for Scottish firms as I am for Welsh, English and Northern Irish firms.

"It is their single goal in political life".

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In an interview ahead of her speech, Mrs May said: "To me, politics isn't a game".

She accused Sturgeon of "twisting the truth" and "playing politics" at the expense both of the United Kingdom and the Scottish people.

The Tory said: "My job right now is to stand up for the majority of Scots who say they do not want a second referendum, that is exactly what I'm doing".

UK Prime minister says SNP are neglecting schools because of "tunnel vision" on the issue.

The latest clash between May and Sturgeon comes as the first minister is expected to announce plans for a second independence referendum when the PM triggers Article 50, starting the UK's exit negotiations with the European Union later this month.

May pledged that more powers will be given to Holyrood when they're returned from Brussels, but failed to name what those powers might be.

Further powers Ms May said she would not seek to strip the devolved administrations of powers they now enjoy but her rejection of the repatriation of further powers from Brussels to Holyrood is a challenge to Ms Sturgeon, who has threatened a second referendum on Scottish independence.

He added: "While the SNP Government has taken strong action to support businesses through business rate revaluations - Theresa May has done nearly nothing for business in England".

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