dglobalnews.com Rob Lowe's Tribute To Bill Paxton Might Be The Most Heartbreaking Yet
Published: Fri, March 03, 2017
Culture&Arts | By Orlando Mckenzie

Rob Lowe's Tribute To Bill Paxton Might Be The Most Heartbreaking Yet

Much of Paxton's extended Big Love family has mourned the loss of their co-star, including Amanda Seyfried (Paxton's on-screen daughter), who called him "an wonderful and supportive father-figure to me in my early career", and co-creators Mark V. Olsen and Will Scheffer. "Best regards, Bill Paxton XOXO".

The special thing about Bill is, I have never heard anyone that knew him, from before his success or during it, that ever had anything but great things to say about him.

"In one scene Bill took such a big swing as an actor, he went for such a broad huge choice in the take".

"In 'Twister", Paxton played Bill "The Extreme" Harding, a former storm chaser turned weather reporter who finds himself dragged back into his old life by his ex-wife, Jo (Helen Hunt), who is still chasing storms due to the trauma of losing her father in a tornado when she was a child.

The actor recounted how he first met Paxton in the early '90s on the set of The Dark Backward, and was impressed with the larger-than-life acting choices Paxton made during filming.

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Bell, who still lives in Perry County, was cast in the movie playing Paxton's girlfriend. "Many more took his character and either emulated him or took a different direction based on what they saw in the movie".

"I'm extremely saddened to hear of the passing of Bill Paxton, someone I was lucky enough to know and call a real friend.
I meet him when I was 16 as we both worked delivering the L.A. Times in the morning.
We were the only "young ones" there as most of the people were at least 40".

Paxton passed away on Saturday (February 25) aged 61. "He never lost track of who he was".

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"It was just a neat time to be from Hazard", said Quillen.

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