dglobalnews.com Hugh Jackman Has An Unlikely Choice For Who Should Play Wolverine Next
Published: Fri, March 03, 2017
Culture&Arts | By Orlando Mckenzie

Hugh Jackman Has An Unlikely Choice For Who Should Play Wolverine Next

WITH so many X-Men movies having been made and spin-offs including the Wolverine and Deadpool films, is there any sign of a let up in this big feature franchise?

He said: "I had never heard of X-Men when they called me for the test". I've loved the character since his first one-panel appearance in Incredible Hulk #180, way back in 1974. Veering away from the standard female superhero trope, she is the most ruthless, savage, and unsafe character in the film. Laura just wants to be a child, but being the genetic copy of Wolverine gives her no such youthful luxuries. "I think I'll be fine with it", he responded. It's the supposed swan song for Hugh Jackman as the character, who you might know better by his other name: Wolverine.

Hugh also recalled how he initially thought the character was "ridiculous" when he was first approached about X-Men but soon realized his mutant alter ego is more defined by his humanity than his powers. This one line from Hugh has left us stumped and we have started imagining SRK as Wolverine already. It was very emotional to make this movie.

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Spending his nights driving a limo around the American Southwest and his days in Mexico caring for a decrepit Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart), Logan is once again pulled into a conflict he'd rather avoid when he becomes the grudging protector of a feral little girl (Dafne Keen) with abilities remarkably similar to his own.

Logan director James Mangold has known Jackman for nearly as long as the actor has played Wolverine - he cast Jackman opposite Meg Ryan in 2001's romantic comedy Kate & Leopold. But I hope it's not a harbinger of the route every superhero movie takes in the future.

That said, the movie still goes way unnecessarily overboard on the foul language and the violence, and I don't get what they were trying to prove with all that. In "Logan", an older Wolverine doesn't heal like he used to, which allows Jackman to show a type of pain we're not accustomed to seeing. I'll be really interested to see how I feel about it. And well, he sure can play a superhero right?

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