dglobalnews.com Denver Zoo welcomes adorable baby giraffe
Published: Fri, March 03, 2017
National | By Glenda Ortiz

Denver Zoo welcomes adorable baby giraffe

Denver Zoo welcomes adorable baby giraffe

The zoo said it will hold an online competition to name the baby giraffe once it's born. The Harpursville zoo said that April hasn't changed much physically but that there has been "significant movement once again in the belly". His mother, Kipele, was on birth control, keepers said.

"Dobby may not have been a planned birth, but now that he's here, we're excited to have him", Brian Aucone of the Denver Zoo said in a statement.

The Animal Adventure Park in upstate NY began live streaming from April the Giraffe's barn on February 24, and at any given time, there are thousands, sometimes hundreds of thousands, of people watching her every move.

The park's live stream was interrupted briefly last week when YouTube pulled the feed after someone reported the images contained explicit material and nudity.

While all eyes have been on April, another giraffe quietly welcomed a baby boy this week.

Dobby stands five feet tall and weighs 73 pounds.

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He also is asking fans to have patience, as he simply doesn't know when exactly April will give birth. Today the zoo showed off their latest addition - a reticulated giraffe named "Dobby".

Kipele, the mother, has been around the Denver Zoo for a while.

Dobby's mother Kipele was born at the Denver Zoo in August 1993, and is the oldest of the Zoo's giraffes.

Dobby's father, Dikembe, was born at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs in December 1993 and arrived at Denver Zoo in February 1996.

According to DenverZoo.org, giraffe pregnancies are 15 months long, followed by six months of nursing.

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