dglobalnews.com Microsoft Is Testing A Windows 10 Bloatware Blocker
Published: Wed, March 01, 2017
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Microsoft Is Testing A Windows 10 Bloatware Blocker

Microsoft Is Testing A Windows 10 Bloatware Blocker

The new feature will negatively affect developers who don't release their apps on the official Windows Store, but instead distributes them via direct downloads on their website. Sysadmins can install verified Win32 apps, turn on the installation filter, and still allow users to run Win32 apps. The applications in the Windows Store are checked for malware at the time of approval so you can't infect your PC by installing apps from the Store. The warning message will read that apps from the Windows Store will help keep the PC "safe and reliable", according to a report by MSPoweruser.

As seen above, the first of the two app settings options will block non-Windows Store apps, but will also allow for the user to install with an "install anyway" button if there is no Windows Store version of the app available.

In macOS the tool is enabled by default, meaning users have to manually override if they wish to add apps from outside the Mac App Store. Windows Insiders can earn badges for various Bug Bash achievements that they can show off to fellow participants and generally feel like they are directly participating in Windows 10's development.

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The upgrade will bring a number of media-friendly additions to the software, including major improvements to 3D capability, gaming and security.

Remember, though, that Microsoft has the option turned off by default for now. This update will most likely hit your Windows 10 computer sometime in April 2017.

"Redstone 3", as it is known internally at Microsoft, is due to launch later this year, Microsoft confirmed earlier this month. Put in its most restrictive third position, this setting will block the installation of traditional Win32 applications; only those shipped through the Store using the Project Centennial technology will work. The news comes just a few days after the company released a significant update that includes picture-in-picture.

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