dglobalnews.com Microsoft's Nadella launches Sangam, LinkedIn Lite and Skype Lite with Aadhaar
Published: Fri, February 24, 2017
Tech | By Arthur Brown

Microsoft's Nadella launches Sangam, LinkedIn Lite and Skype Lite with Aadhaar

Recently, Nadella, met Ravi Shankar Prasad, Indian Minister for Electronics and IT, wherein both discussed the benefits of technology in various "Digital India" projects. The app also records the amount of data used during the calls.

The company has announced about the amalgamation of Aadhaar number on the app from June 2017. If the person chooses to share that information, at the end of the call, all of the Aadhaar ID data is completely erased from the recipient's device.

The service can be started by first logging in with the Aadhar Praman service from Microsoft, then the user can choose to create a LinkedIn Profile and then enrol under courses for skill training.

In addition to facilitating communications via the Skype platform, Skype Lite will allow you to read and receive SMS messages and will have a section from which one can control the use of mobile data.

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And of course, the 47-year-old is also co-owner of Tidal streaming services. Since 2012, Shawn Carter and Brown have invested in tech start-ups.

"It uses a deep integration with LinkedIn to provide every Indian with jobs". The project is still under private preview.

Praising the Microsoft initiative, Naidu said with "infusing right ideas and technology, Andhra Pradesh can be the next Silicon Valley". Nadella said that LinkedIn now has 39 million users in the country, the publication noted. After Facebook Lite, YouTube Go and others, Skype has now jumped on the "Lite" bandwagon, making it easier for users in developing countries like India to access and utilize the features of Skype seamlessly over restricted connectivity.

This app leverages the Aadhar and also consumes less data and is optimised for the Indian market. The app has India-focuses bots that can reply instantly when you ask something in messaging format.

In an event in Bangalore on February 21 Nadella said: "India Stack's vision of having a non-tangible, cashless and paperless vision, which is fundamentally about bringing down transactional costs in the economy that can benefit every citizen, small business and large business, is a grand vision". Nadella said it might still not be possible to "write like Rabindranath Tagore" using AI, but noted that advances in AI, combined with the power of the cloud, today enables the building of extremely powerful apps. So this placement product would help any college graduate student from any college, not just those college that already have a reputation of access to big firms, to realise their potential based on who they are as against the college they attend. "It is powered by the new cloud services and made for consumers in India", added Ho.

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