dglobalnews.com Trump drops travel ban appeal and plans new immigration order
Published: Fri, February 17, 2017
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Trump drops travel ban appeal and plans new immigration order

Trump drops travel ban appeal and plans new immigration order

The judges panel says that, the immigration travel ban which was earlier introduced by Trump's administration is targeting the Muslim countries and Muslims only.

President Donald Trump said in a news conference Thursday his administration will release a new executive order on immigration next week to - in his words - "comprehensively protect our country".

Meanwhile. the US Justice Department said that Trump would replace his executive order "in the near future", according to a court filing. The order and resulting confusion led to almost immediate litigation - and quick court orders halting enforcement of some of the most harsh ramifications of the order, like deportations and detentions.

Ever since President Donald Trump signed an executive order to ban all immigration from coming into the United States, an out lash of protests have swept across this nation.

President Trump's executive order to suspend the highly controversial (and highly dangerous) refugee program has been stymied by the courts.

Trump also said on Thursday that he is struggling with a program President Barack Obama began to provide work permits to people brought to the USA illegally as children, called Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals. This is not wholly unexpected and is in accordance with Mr. Trump enforcement priorities as announced in his January 25 executive order, "Enhancing Public Safety in the Interior of the United States".

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"Indeed, numerous Muslim-majority countries in the world are not covered by the seven-country list used in the Executive Order", the brief notes.

Trump could make clear that his order no longer applies to green-card holders - who probably have the strongest case to sue in USA courts - or he could craft an order that applies only to people who have not yet applied for visas.

Given that President Trump is a man who is willing to explore all options, and has said he will do so in this case, another plan which is not open to the idiotic review of the courts may be well in place by the time the Supreme Court gets its chance to - once again - reverse another decision of the Ninth Circuit Court.

A legal brief named "Friend of the court" was submitted by 97 companies opposing the Trump administration's immigration order, including several technology giants such as Apple, Facebook, Google, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber stated that the order was a "significant departure" from USA immigration policies and "makes it more hard and expensive for US companies to recruit, hire, and retain some of the world's best employees".

The Justice Department requested the appeals court to intervene on Sunday proclaiming that it was not a lower court's place to second-guessing the president's judgment on a national security matter. "That's the only thing that was wrong with the travel ban". With a vacant seat on the Supreme Court there is a likelihood that the Court will split in a 4-4 decision, at which point the ruling of the Court of Appeals would be the final decision.

Trump's order cited national security as the reason he was barring indefinitely the entry of refugees from Syria, placing a 120-day moratorium on refugee admissions from other countries and freezing for 90 days the entry of anyone from the seven named countries. The president could, for example, issue a modified EO that would seek to cure some of the perceived constitutional deficiencies in the original. If 45 ordered Acting Attorney General Yates to defend the Travel Ban and she refused, it is within his authority to fire her for insubordination.

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