dglobalnews.com Mulvaney Gets Senate Approval As Trump Budget Officer
Published: Fri, February 17, 2017
National | By Glenda Ortiz

Mulvaney Gets Senate Approval As Trump Budget Officer

The Senate on Thursday narrowly confirmed Rep. Mick Mulvaney 51-49 to head up the White House Office of Management and Budget.

"Congressman Mulvaney has spent his last six years in the House of Representatives pitting the national debt against our military", McCain said, citing several instances where Tea Party congressman from SC voted for defense budget cuts.

Arizona Senator John McCain voted against Mulvaney on Thursday, arguing that Mulvaney's desire to cap defense spending made him an "irresponsible" pick for the job.

"As director of the Office of Management and Budget, Rep. Mulvaney will be at the center of discussions on federal spending and regulations".

Rep. Mick Mulvaney testifies before the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee on January 24.

"Congressman Mulvaney is a founding member of the group of extreme House Republicans that shut down the government in 2013, forcing essential government services to shutter and causing unnecessary harm to our economy".

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"I believe that we must rebuild our military while at the same time putting our nation on a sustainable long-term fiscal path", McCain said in a statement on the Senate floor.

McCain said he generally gives deference and "the benefit of the doubt" to incoming presidents of both parties when it comes to their Cabinets and that "it is with great reluctance" that he is coming out against Mulvaney.

Trump has said that strengthening the military is more important than balancing the budget and is committed to ending budget caps.

He added, "And this record can not be ignored in light of the significant authority exercised by the Director of OMB over the federal budget". "He authored and supported amendments to cut national defense funding year after year after year".

"My decision to oppose this nomination is not about one person", McCain said. This is not personal.

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