dglobalnews.com Hitler lookalike arrested by Austrian police
Published: Wed, February 15, 2017
Global Media | By Cecelia Webb

Hitler lookalike arrested by Austrian police

Hitler lookalike arrested by Austrian police

A doppleganger of Adolf Hitler was arrested by Austrian police on Monday after he was seen wandering around the Nazi dictator's hometown sporting Hitler's hairstyle and his infamous moustache, according to reports.

Harald Zenz, 25, reportedly went by the name "Harald Hitler" when he introduced himself to people at bars.

"It was obvious that he glorified Hitler", local police spokesman David Furtner told French press agency AFP.

A man who dresses as Adolf Hitler has been arrested on charges of glorifying the Nazi era. He has been arrested under a 1947 Austrian law which made it illegal to promote Nazi ideology. Other pictures of him standing in a Braunau pub dressed in traditional garb including a loden jacket and lederhosen, were also spotted online.

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He is reported to have been seen near the house in which Hitler was born in 1889.

The impersonator was also spotted in a local bookstore browsing through World War Two magazines.

The Austrian parliament voted in December of 2016 to force the owner to sell the three-story house in Braunau am Inn to the state because she had turned down previous offers. In October, the authorities announced their plans to demolish the house to prevent neo-Nazis from visiting the site to pay homage to the Nazi dictator.

The house where Hitler was born has been at the center of a legal debate for several years.

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