dglobalnews.com Yale To Remove Slavery Supporter John C. Calhoun's Name From Residential College
Published: Mon, February 13, 2017
National | By Glenda Ortiz

Yale To Remove Slavery Supporter John C. Calhoun's Name From Residential College

Yale To Remove Slavery Supporter John C. Calhoun's Name From Residential College

A rear gate at Calhoun College. But those discussions turned to urgent pleas in 2015 after a white man who revered the Confederacy shot and killed nine black worshipers at a church in Charleston, S.C. That led SC lawmakers to take down the Confederate flag that had long flown at the state capitol, and efforts at Yale and elsewhere to stop honoring the name of Calhoun. He also served as Secretary of State, Secretary of War, and a U.S. Senator.

Undergraduate students suggested Hopper, along with almost a dozen notable Yale grads, in early February during listening sessions with university trustees in charge of renaming colleges.

"This is a victory for the New Haven community", Kica Matos, one of the leaders of the Change the Name Coalition and a fellow at Yale's Stiles College, told the Guardian.

Then, in April, Yale University had made a decision to keep the name for Calhoun College. Some activists have said these limitations do not adequately address the university's racist history.

That decision sparked protests on campus, students angry over the decision.

"In making this change, we must be vigilant not to erase the past", Salovey said in the university's statement.

Hundreds more students protested the school's president Thursday night.

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In July of 2016, a Yale University worker destroyed a stained glass window depicting slaves in a cotton field. Criminal charges have since been dropped and Yale has rehired Menafee, who had described the image as offensive.

Members of the New Haven chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice also attended, carrying Black Lives Matter signs and distributing them for others to carry. Later on in the day the school acknowledged that wasn't true, and the decision to remove the windows came after incident.

A Daily News survey in August 2015 showed that 45% wanted to retain the Calhoun name, with 40% favoring a change. It is understandable that a prestigious university like Yale would worry about being unhinged from its history and the implications of such a move.

The fact the Calhoun name bedecked a residential college was a major factor in the university's decision, it said in a statement. "We need to respect history and there needs to be a strong presumption against renaming".

Rabb has spoken out against the name since his own days living at Calhoun College.

This approached is in keeping with new guidelines for renaming that were issued by a committee appointed by Salovey in November. Last year, the University of OR and Vanderbilt University both chose to rename on-campus buildings with controversial names.

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