dglobalnews.com Trump Claimed 'Thousands' Were Bused Into NH To Vote 'Illegally'
Published: Mon, February 13, 2017
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Trump Claimed 'Thousands' Were Bused Into NH To Vote 'Illegally'

Trump Claimed 'Thousands' Were Bused Into NH To Vote 'Illegally'

Hillary Clinton won New Hampshire by about 3,000 votes, but now President Trump says thousands of MA voters were bussed in to the Granite State to vote against him. "Allegations of this magnitude can not be ignored", she said.

In a statement calling the claim "astonishing", FEC Commissioner Ellen Weintraub said, "The scheme the President of the United States alleges would constitute thousands of felony criminal offenses under New Hampshire law".

Weintraub then said that she calls on the president to "immediately share his evidence with the public and with the appropriate law-enforcement authorities so that his allegations may be investigated promptly and thoroughly".

As President Donald Trump hurls unfounded allegations of colossal fraud in last fall's election, lawmakers in at least 20 states are pushing to make it harder to register or to vote.

President Trump reportedly spent a meeting with 10 senators on Thursday complaining about voter fraud. Kelly Ayotte, who has handled Gorsuch's confirmation process for the White House.

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Trump has said that fraud may account for his loss nationwide in the popular vote to Clinton by almost 3 million votes.

Trump obviously won the election, but he narrowly lost New Hampshire to Hillary Clinton.

Trump appears to have been referring to a debunked claim by then-New Hampshire gubernatorial candidate Chris Sununu, who alleged days before the 2016 vote voters were routinely bussed into the Granite State from nearby ma to swing the outcome of close elections.

As a candidate, Trump also repeatedly raised the specter of widespread voter fraud during early voting across the country.

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