dglobalnews.com Pro-Lifers Will Protest Planned Parenthood in 45 States Saturday
Published: Sun, February 12, 2017
Medical | By Benjamin Edwards

Pro-Lifers Will Protest Planned Parenthood in 45 States Saturday

Pro-Lifers Will Protest Planned Parenthood in 45 States Saturday

The rally will call for protecting Planned Parenthood and communities that rely on its services from national efforts to defund the organization, as well as blocking any Supreme Court nominee who does not support the right to safe, legal abortions.

"Why should tax dollars be given to somewhere where they're doing killings of babies", anti-abortion demonstrator Marisol Pfaff asked St. Louis Public Radio's Camille Philips.

Planned Parenthood is bleeding the American taxpayer of millions of dollars.

Alejandra Baker, one of the organizers of the protest in Orange, said the groups involved in the demonstrations want federal funds that now go to Planned Parenthood instead be redirected to other health centers that "provide a wider range of services and higher standards of care".

Planned Parenthood says cutting off those funds would make it more hard for women to get birth control, Pap smears or testing for sexually transmitted diseases.

The original anti-abortion protest, created to call attention to Planned Parenthood and strip it of federal funding, was organized by Citizens for a Pro-Life Society and took place at Planned Parenthood centers across MI. A number of people are scheduled to speak in support of stripping funding to Planned Parenthood and giving money to health centers that don't provide or counsel about abortion.

In 2014 Planned Parenthood conducted more than 300 thousand abortions accounting for 3 percent of its services.

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Brody Hagemeier, a senior and president of SCSU for Life, organized the protest for the anti-abortion side.

It was hard to tell which group the honking was for as cars zoomed past the site of an ongoing protest and counter protest in front of Tampa Planned Parenthood on Saturday.

Federal monies don't pay for abortions except in some very restricted cases, but Planned Parenthood is reimbursed by Medicaid for other services, including birth control and cancer screening.

It is time our new president puts a stop to the funding of this organization. For the February 11 rally, 40 Days for Life is also serving as a major partner.

Naegele, 57, of nearby Walnut, said she scrambled to organize the rally about two weeks ago after learning of the planned nationwide protests. "I feel like we have the momentum to finally defund them".

Around 25 stopped by to craft valentines for Planned Parenthood staffers sharing their appreciation and write notes to elected officials - several of whom were women like Loveless who have only recently started speaking out about political issues. Spokespersons for Planned Parenthood have denied the allegations.

"We've been doing it for a long time", Clyde Odom, 65, of Hope Mills said.

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