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Published: Thu, February 09, 2017
Medical | By Benjamin Edwards

Smoke & ministers: Israel moves to allow medical marijuana exports

A worker at a cannabis greenhouse at the growing facility of the Tikun Olam company on March 7, 2011 near the northern city of Safed, Israel.

While Israel is one of the leading countries in medical marijuana research, the country's market is very small - $15 million to $20 million at most, according to Reuters. It warned it could take months for the bill to pass through the Knesset. The government statement however said that it could take months before the legislation reached parliament.

According to the Reuters report, the official who introduced the legislation, Yoav Kisch, says it will help Israel's agricultural industry.

The Medical Cannabis Working Group approved a list of recommendations Wednesday for a bill that would add many new diagnoses to the list of qualifying conditions for medical marijuana. "Israel is expected to gain over a billion NIS [new Israeli sheqel] from its taxation, according to recent research", he added.

Medical marijuana researchers in universities and hospitals around the world are looking forward to importing cannabis for research and medicinal purposes.

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Twenty-eight U.S. states have legalised medical marijuana since 2012.

Saul Kaye, CEO of iCan, a private cannabis research firm in Israel, estimated that there was about $100 million in global investments made in the nation's cannabis sector in 2016, with about 50 medical cannabis companies active in the industry, ranging from agriculture to delivery devices.

Cannabis inhalers are known to be more effective as it allows a patient to get more cannabinoids per puff.

The country's Health Minister Yakov Litzman has shown support for marijuana usage and his ministry has moved toward making it available with greater ease.

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