dglobalnews.com Mobius Final Fantasy download available now on Steam
Published: Wed, February 08, 2017
Research | By Kayla Price

Mobius Final Fantasy download available now on Steam

Square Enix made the announcement during the Active Time Report stream, in which it was revealed that an update for the FFXV thirteenth chapter would be launched very soon. In fact, corporate expects net sales to rocket in just three months time, pushing its net sales to just over $2.2 billion.

Much like the company as a whole, Square Enix's MMO game biz (think: Final Fantasy XI and XIV) saw a dip in profits year-over-year, which it chalks up to "the absence of expansion disk releases" during the April - December 2016 timeframe.

Square Enix also saw an increase in unit sales in every key territory such as Europe and the U.S., selling 20.8 million units between April and December last year, an increase from 10.56 million the year prior.

Recent updates reveal that the "Final Fantasy 15" Magitek Exosuit DLC release is reported to occur a little later than previous estimates. Three of these (NieR and Kingdom Hearts) are heavy-hitters. And we're learning this news after Ignis' birthday of all days.

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Other releases like Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood, Dragon Quest Heroes II, and Final Fantasy XII Zodiac Age will release past the March 31 cut-off point. Is there more to the picture? Some people believe that Square Enix is so busy working on the new Final Fantasy 15 game that they had to push the remake back.

I'd like to release the game on PC as a technical attempt.

As it was announced recently, Mobius Final Fantasy is now finally available for download on PC. Unfortunately, we still don't have any confirmation on plans to release an optimised PC version of Final Fantasy XV and while this in-engine experiment has been described as wonderful, some cut backs would likely need to be made in some areas to get the game running acceptably on a wider range of systems. Especially the attractive vegetation make Final Fantasy XV highly lifelike.

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