dglobalnews.com President Trump Orders 30-Day Review of Strategy to Fight ISIS
Published: Wed, February 01, 2017
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President Trump Orders 30-Day Review of Strategy to Fight ISIS

President Trump Orders 30-Day Review of Strategy to Fight ISIS

The memorandum orders the Pentagon, the intelligence community, and key Cabinet agencies to develop a comprehensive plan to defeat the extremist group. including reviewing the existing rules of engagement, developing public diplomacy and digital strategies to combat and discredit the group online, identifying new coalition partners, determining how to cut off the group's funding, and paying for the ongoing campaign against the Islamic State.

Other steps reportedly being contemplated include increasing use of USA special forces in Syria and Iraq, directly arming Kurdish forces (a move that is likely to anger the Turks), and potentially including Turkish forces in the Raqqa operation. It would stipulate that administration officials could not register as lobbyists for a full five years after leaving the government - and could never lobby on behalf of a foreign government, the senior official said.

He also appointed Steve Bannon, his top political adviser to the National Security Council.

The ISIS [Islamic State, formerly ISIL], is not the only threat from radical Islamic ideology that the U.S. faces, but it is among the most aggressive and vicious.

The move makes good on a key campaign pledge of Mr Trump, who mocked the slow progress made by his predecessor Barack Obama in the fight against the militant group.

Islamic State continues to be a threat to much of the western world.

Israel Plans For 2500 Further Settlement Homes in West Bank
Israel occupied the West Bank, like east Jerusalem , in 1967. "Netanyahu has asked. The United States abstained from the vote in a rare slam against Israel.

In the formal executive memorandum, Trump declared that "It is the policy of the United States that ISIS be defeated". But he avoided talking about specifics of any plan to combat the radical group. It was the first call between the two since Trump became president, though he was criticized during the campaign for being too friendly with Putin. The use of the term genocide represents a significant break from the Obama administration, which faced criticism for deciding against using the phrase.

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said on Tuesday that President Donald Trump's decision to ban Iraqis from travelling to the United States punishes those who are "fighting terrorism".

"As we prepare our budget request for Congress, and I think Congress is going to be very happy to see it, our military strength will be questioned by no one, but neither will our dedication to peace", he said.

US President Donald Trump has called Daesh/ISIS "pure evil" on more than one occasion.

A US defence official, speaking to reporters after the talks, said they discussed ways to accelerate the defeat of Islamic State, among other hot-button issues, including the threat from North Korea, but offered no details.

President Trump signed an executive order blocking people from seven Muslim countries from entering the U.S. It's disturbing the administration took such a strategically counter-productive action. And the others include: immigration enforcement and multi-pronged orders on border security; two on reviving the Dakota Access pipeline and Keystone XL pipeline.

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