dglobalnews.com Bank robber would rather be in jail than with his wife
Published: Thu, January 26, 2017
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Bank robber would rather be in jail than with his wife

Bank robber would rather be in jail than with his wife

Last September, Ripple gave a bank teller a note telling her she was being robbed and that he had a gun.

Lawrence John Ripple of Kansas City, Kansas pleaded guilty Monday to robbing a bank because he claimed he was exhausted of living with his wife.

The court previously heard how he had walked into the bank and calmly handed over a note demanding cash and warning that he was in possession of a firearm.

Ripple stole nearly $3,000 in the hold-up, police said.

He's likely eating those words now as Ripple pleaded guilty to a federal count of bank robbery this week, meaning that he could be sentenced to as many as 20 years in prison.

Of note, a report via the Kansas City Star tells of Ripple pleading guilty without any plea deal.

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Ripple's wife, Endayon, accompanied him to court Monday with the pair refused to address media queries.

When security swarmed the bank and confronted Ripple. he told them, "I'm the guy you're looking for".

The man was released on bond in September.

Police responded quickly to the bank, which is on the same block as the city's police headquarters, and Ripple was arrested.

Not necessarily understood is if the husband had alternative circumstances to resort to than rather than stay with his wife?

The judge will set a date for sentencing after a pre-sentencing investigation.

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