dglobalnews.com Events gearing up for Inauguration Day
Published: Mon, January 23, 2017
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Events gearing up for Inauguration Day

Events gearing up for Inauguration Day

Twenty thousand people have also sent an RSVP to a silent protest conducted by Not My President, which will be run by college students outside the Capitol building.

However, Kennedy (sophomore-international politics) said she believes she was deprived of a peaceful transition.

Kanye West will not travel to Washington, D.C. for Donald Trump's presidential inauguration this Friday, a source close to the rapper confirms to PEOPLE. For his devotees, the inauguration is only barely less vindication. Reach out to allies deeply fearful of what they hear. "Every decision. will be made to benefit American workers and American families". It was like a Trump campaign rally, except now the swamp was theirs.

Hundreds of protesters appeared to have gained access to the public viewing areas on the Mall, many chanting "not my president" and holding signs with slogans including "Can we impeach him today?" and " Fascist ". "We voted. We protested by going to the booths".

From there, Trump shuttled to a celebratory welcome concert on the steps of Lincoln Memorial that ended with fireworks filling the sky.

"This is a great moment in history.

It's a president for the people", said Dennis Poer, 58, a painter in IL who said he admires Trump's "honesty".

Trump arrived in Washington Thursday where he and Pence placed a wreath at Arlington National Cemetery before attending a luncheon at Trump hotel.

The roster of performers also paled in comparison. The event featured performances from artists including country music's Toby Keith and Lee Greenwood and the rock group Three Doors Down, but the line-up was limited. As the president-elect left NY behind, the capital braced for an onslaught of inaugural crowds and demonstrators numbering in the hundreds of thousands.

He then crossed back over the Potomac River to speak at the marble memorial, where at one point he looked up and saluted the seated statue of Abraham Lincoln.

He offered an informal preview of his inaugural address.

"I'm going to be wearing black tomorrow to mourn the death of my country", Patterson (sophomore -nursing) said.

He then boasted again about how he had defied expectations.

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About 28,000 security personnel, miles of fencing, roadblocks, street barricades and dump trucks laden with sand are part of the security cordon around 3 square miles (8 square km) of central Washington.

The capital was turned into a virtual fortress, with thousands of police officers.

On Friday 20 January, across the United Kingdom, in cities spanning York, Aberdeen, Bradford, Cambridge and London, huge banners will be dropped from bridges, emblazoned with the words: "Bridges Not Walls".

About 900,000 people are expected to be at his inauguration on Friday, either as participants or protesters.

The night before the inauguration, thousands of people turned out in NY for a rally at the Trump International Hotel and Tower, and then marched a few blocks from the Trump Tower where the businessman lives.

"A protester came over and ripped off the Don's head", Karen Korthaus said as she showed a reporter a video of the incident.

Some of the dissent was quieter.

One fourth grade teacher in MI is refusing to allow his students to see Trump's inauguration speech.

Trump, master showman, implausibly insisted that he didn't care if A-listers fêted him. The demonstrators planned to hand out an open letter to Trump supporters.

Plus, they were all there because of one former entertainer.

"I am OK with them exercising their First Amendment rights - that is the beauty of our democracy compared to living in a communist country or dictatorship", she said.

"We're going to be backing up law enforcement".

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